Wrapping up our Inaugural TEDx Conference

Our first-ever event took place February 5th, 2022. TEDxRutgersCamden chose the theme of “Brand New Ending” from the quote, “We can’t go back and make a brand new beginning, but we can start now and make a brand new ending.”

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Topic: Self-care, Mental Health
Topic: Perception, Bias, Judgement
Topic: Education, Reform
Topic: Religion, Science, Faith
Topic: Workplace, Business
Topic: Poetry, Relationships, Love


What We Do

We apply for a TEDx license in order to bring a TEDx conference yearly to Camden, New Jersey.

We seek and select ideas “worth spreading” that relate to our Conference’s theme.

We recruit creative and hard-working students and volunteers to pull off amazing TEDx talks!

Thanks for joining our

“Brand New Ending” 2022 Conference




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Satisfied TEDx fans

Interested in joining us for the next Conference?

Don’t miss out on a perfect chance to meet other Rutgers students, community volunteers and work on what you love doing. See below what teams and work regions you can join:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Curation
  • Logistics
  • Technology

“I got to hone my skills”

I was able to see and understand what goes into a TEDx talk. I added to my experience of planning a large event and got to further hone my communication and marketing skills.

Jenna N.

“I got to understand the value of teamwork”

TEDx has helped me manage my time better and understand the value of teamwork.

Yamilette R.

“I got a boost of confidence”

I loved helping to host the conference, it boosted my confidence in public speaking a little more!

Lisa T.

“It felt like everyone shared the common goal of TED”

One thing I loved about being a team member was being able to facilitate incredibly important and relevant talks that needed to be heard. In that room full of students, TEDx team members, and renowned speakers, it felt as if everyone was equal and shared the common goal of TED.

Dillon D.

Working with people towards the same goal was worth it

I enjoyed being able to work with other people who had the same goal but thought differently so it allowed us to come together in a collaborative environment to discuss ideas and how to grow TEDx as an organization now only within our campus but also to help Camden.

Kaila C.

The brainstorming coming to life hit different

I loved the interactions and the people I met, but most importantly, seeing the conference happen had the be the best part. All those months of brainstorming coming to life just hit different.

Doris B.

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