My Experience as a Team Member by Kaila Crozier

Joining the TEDx team in February 2021 was probably one of the most ambitious things I have ever done in my past four years at Rutgers-Camden. I have been involved with several organizations throughout my past four years, and Tedx Rutgers Camden has definitely been an influential experience. Moreover, helping the Marketing/Logistics team with digital strategy and planning our media presence has been an educational experience. It has been great to grow professionally and personally due to the motivated team within the organization. Many of these skills I feel I can still apply for the future. Also, it was wonderful to make so many connections with students and other professionals from other fields. While we moved our conference online, we still had a great time planning our online events and involving the campus community to support our organization. As a team, we are very grateful for all the help we received to make this conference possible.

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